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    Tools for turning web pages into newspaper-style PDFs, generating RSS feeds for sites that don’t have them, etc. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  2. - A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems

    That looks handy… Lots of converting into/out of PDF to other formats. (via @eliothill)

  3. Formulatepro - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Need to add an image to a PDF, which Preview doesn’t do, and you don’t have Adobe Acrobat? This does the job nicely, for free.

  4. Free PDF Printer

    I failed to get Windows XP running on VMWare to print. Grrr. But this allowed me to print to a PDF, which I could drag to the Mac and print from there.

  5. New Liberal Arts // Snarkmarket & Revelator Press

    A free PDF book on many interesting-sounding topics. No idea what the quality’s like, but it’s another PDF to never quite get round to reading. (via Kottke)

  6. Tabbloid

    Will regularly email you a PDF of your chosen RSS feeds. Couldn’t be much simpler. (via Russell Davies)

  7. UUA: Deep Fun

    A good source of games to play with groups of people, ideal as ice-breakers. (via Cool Tools)

  8. TCPDF - PHP Class for PDF

    Yet another PDF-generating PHP class. An improvement on FPDF (does UTF-8 for a start), but I had some problems getting tables to look just how I wanted.

  9. FPDF Library - PDF generator

    Another PDF-generating PHP class.

  10. R&OS: pdf class

    For making PDFs using PHP, as used by Dompdf.

  11. Dompdf - The PHP 5 HTML to PDF Converter

    Uses CSS rules to style the PDF output I think (can’t get the demo to work…).

  12. Sign Builder 2.0 - Industrial Signage

    Excellent web tool for generating PDF signs with standard icons. Hours of ANSI standard fun. (via Cool Tools)

  13. Schubert it - PDF Browser Plugin

    View PDFs in your Mac browser (Safari, Firefox…). No more desktop littered with PDF downloads. Excellent.

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