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20 April 2015



  1. MapTiler - map overlay, cut map tiles for Google Maps, GIS layers and mobile apps – MapTiler

    Hmm, maybe something like this will make it not-a-pain to overlay a historic London map on Google Maps for Pepys’ Diary. If I can find a decent copyright-free one.

  2. - A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems

    That looks handy… Lots of converting into/out of PDF to other formats. (via @eliothill)


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    Because outrage is the only reaction allowed on Twitter, apart from "awww, cute", which is less appropriate.

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    Swapping outrage over a new Twitter feature for outrage over CNet updating their article about it, but with no indication it changed.

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    @blech @russss the cnet piece says that. Or have they updated it since you saw it?

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    @schulze @warrenellis I was momentarily confused, and thought you meant Ronnie Biggs.

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    @stuartpb Thanks Stuart - I missed that at the time. Posted now:…

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    @r4isstatic I enjoyed this sneak peak into you’re world