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  1. Accounting for big expenses and depreciation in your FIRE budget - Monevator

    I haven’t often seen this aspect discussed at length in early retirement planning articles.

  2. Dynamic asset allocation and withdrawal in retirement - Monevator

    The second of the three posts about living off his investments (the third is less interesting).

  3. Decumulation: a real life plan - Monevator

    The first of three posts in which The Accumulator outlines his financial plans for living off his investments.

  4. What’s your financial origin story? (Monevator)

    Scores of interesting comments from readers about how and when they began saving/investing in order to, hopefully, become financially independent.

  5. Low cost index trackers that will save you money

    I’d forgotten this occasionally-updated post existed.

  6. What is a sustainable withdrawal rate for a world portfolio? | Monevator

    I’ve read many times that a 4% “safe withdrawal rate” is too optimistic, but not a simple breakdown like this of the adjustments to it that one should make.

  7. They don’t tax free time (Monevator)

    A good post and loads of comments - lots of people talking about working less to avoid going into the higher tax bracket.

  8. Here’s a great way to boost your income in an hour

    That sounds like spam but it’s actually about the benefits of, as a freelancer, writing yourself a detailed job description.

  9. How to unitize your portfolio

    Long and, inevitably, dull. But I’d wondered how to do this kind of thing.

  10. Which asset allocation is right for you?

    Some nice summaries of different balances of passive investment portfolios.

  11. 9 lazy portfolios for UK investors

    It’s annoyingly rare to come across UK-specific guidelines for portfolios, so this up-to-date set of examples is handy.

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