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2016-01-24 (Sunday)


  1. They don’t tax free time (Monevator)

    A good post and loads of comments - lots of people talking about working less to avoid going into the higher tax bracket.


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    @megpickard @andrewcb Jeez, sorry. I thought I was making conversation, not starting a fight.

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    @megpickard @andrewcb Their icon used to be a bouncing ball so I assumed it was named after…

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    @metabrew Also, I always thought American skyscrapers were taller than that.

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    @philomglol Of course. I assume it’s just balancing simplicity of interface vs need, and the amount of work required. But, would be nice.

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    A big “Turn off work” button in Slack that hides all the teams you’ve marked as “work”.

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    Why do Slack’s Do Not Disturb settings have no concept of weekends? Also, I’d like DND’d Slacks to disappear entirely for the duration. Ta.

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    Reply from start-up after I asked about salary. They're looking for someone "who doesn't ask that kind of question." Oh well, good luck.