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Links tagged with “modernism”

  1. Metamodernism: A Brief Introduction | Notes on Metamodernism

    “…the discourse surrounding metamodernism engages with the resurgence of sincerity, hope, romanticism, affect, and the potential for grand narratives and universal truths, whilst not forfeiting all that we’ve learnt from postmodernism.”

  2. High Paddington - Sergei Kadleigh, 1952 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    A brochure about a plan to house 8,000 people in 30-storey towers over Paddington Goods Yard in London.

  3. The Modern House Blog | Modern Architecture, Design & Property

    I somehow missed that the estate agents for modernists properties have a really good blog: architects, exhibitions, books, properties, etc.

  4. Ian Penman reviews ‘Mod’ by Richard Weight · LRB 29 August 2013

    This is packed with good stuff. The differences between the fans of trad and modern jazz. Mods as continental modernists, aesthetes. Mods compared to other subcultures. “Tellyology”: shaping history with both eyes on a potential TV series. Ray Davies. Miles Davis. Blur. Noel Gallagaher. Today’s Mod revival as a ploddy “dad rock” conservatism. The British Music Experience.

  5. WowHaus

    A blog of modernist etc houses for sale in the UK (see also ‘Modernist Estates’ for the apartment equivalent).

  6. Modernist Estates

    A blog collecting modernist homes in the UK that are for sale. Nice stuff.

  7. At Hyde Park Corner (London Review of Books)

    Jonathan Meades on fine form, on the newish Bomber Command Memorial. “The failure of British modernism and of today’s synthetic modernism to devise a memorious idiom provides an ample justification for the mongers of easy-viewin’ classicism to dump their stuff indiscriminately.”

  8. Bookslut | WE WILL CONVERT THE KING IF POSSIBLE: The Greatness of Little Magazines

    Really worth a read. “The Web, one would think, opens up all kinds of possibilities for imaginative typography or design a la BLAST, but adventurous publishing like that is rare. Why? The pageviews-for-cash, keywords-are-compulsory bottom line? Laziness? Dullness?” (via Magazine Modernisms)

  9. Modernist Journals Project

    “Our primary mission is to produce digital editions of culturally significant magazines from around the early 20th century and make them freely available to the public on our website.” Fab.

  10. Magazine Modernisms | Dedicated to Modern Periodical Studies

    A blog about interesting old magazines and journals.

  11. Post-War Buildings

    Don’t think I’ve seen this before. A collection of photos, details and sometimes long descriptions of mostly London post-war modern buildings. Good. (Shame the photos are all Flash though.)

  12. Danish homestore. The classic danish furniture specialist

    Lots of lovely looking furniture which I’m not looking at at all, oh no. (via Haddock)

  13. Utopia London

    Awesome-looking film, about post-war modernist housing development in London. There’s a screening near Farringdon on 14 Dec. Also, where’s the map in the ‘About’ section from? (via City of Sound)

  14. The Mid-Century Modernist

    Oh. Oh. My. Too many nice things. I must lock my wallet away.

  15. The Measures Taken: Penthouse and Pavement

    Longer version of his ‘Guardian’ article, with pictures and links, about the BBC 2 documentary about Sheffield’s brutalist Park Hill estate (worth catching on iPlayer). I wish the developers weren’t able to destroy so much of the place. (via City of Sound)

  16. Cityofsound: Robin Hood Gardens is not the same as a digital model of Robin Hood Gardens

    Dan Hill’s excellent summary of the protest going on over plans to demolish the London housing estate. I hope they renovate rather than destroy.

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