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Links tagged with “lastfm”

  1. ListenBrainz

    Open source AudioScrobbler type service, currently Alpha. In theory I imported my listens, but nothing showing up yet. Still, could be good.

  2. - Generate Spotify Playlists powered by Lastfm!

    Makes Spotify playlists based on the name of a music artist or your favorites/recommendations.

  3. Overhere

    Listen along with any user in real time, using Spotify. So simple.

  4. Crowd-sourcing the office stereo, using Twitter and Spotify

    Python script to enable sending Spotify URLs @ a Twitter account which then queue and play, and also scrobble to

  5. + Spotify + Find new albums

    Find albums by your top artists on that have recently been added to Spotify. Although many are albums I already have, which is how I’ve listened to them on… (via Tom Taylor)

  6. Soundamus - new and upcoming music releases from the artists you listen to

    Looks at your playlist and tells you when new music by your listened-to artists is released. Could do with some kind of threshold, but still very useful.

  7. LastGraph: Home

    Create completely stunning and fascinating colourful graphs of your data. The best way I’ve ever seen of getting a good impression of what you’ve listened to. If only I had data for my whole life of listening. (via Plasticbag)

  8. – the Blog · Audio Fingerprinting for Clean Metadata

    Help identify tracks, albums and artists better, in return for a future free API. Pretty slow going on my ageing PowerBook though. (via Plasticbag)

  9. Site Updates –

    A prayer is answered and a miracle happens: A decent way of finding out about gigs you might be interested in has appeared, and gets even better. You need to log in to see it though.

  10. AMK design | Last 10 tracks on your website

    Simple but good PHP code for putting your recent tracks on your site. Inspired me to rewrite all my stupidly over-engineered code for along the same lines. (via Kottke)

  11. Web Services - Audioscrobbler

    It’s been a while since I looked - I didn’t realise there was so much juicy data easily accessible.

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