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2015-09-23 (Wednesday)


  1. ListenBrainz

    Open source AudioScrobbler type service, currently Alpha. In theory I imported my listens, but nothing showing up yet. Still, could be good.


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    @paulpod @hondanhon UNRESOLVED CONFLICTS

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    @hondanhon I’ve often thought this too. Very difficult, I’m sure, but could be so good.

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    @dracos Ta, I’ll have a look. Just spent half hour on phone with one for them to finally say they didn’t cover the postcode!

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    Are there any (home) insurance co’s where you can turn options on/off & change values & see the cost? Instead of talking on phone for aages.

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    Brilliantly brazen incredible journey:… “We couldn’t be more excited … we will … sunset the existing Oyster service”

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    @iangreenleaf That is quite something, thanks!…

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    Allowing Saudi Arabia to head the UN Human Rights panel is like putting Mangal 2 in charge of the Vegan Society. The world is fucked up.