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  1. A Small Dark Detour

    On the people who posted negative commentd about Jason Scott’s manual-saving effort. I’m increasingly thinking the net turns too many people into the kind of heckler who thinks they’re “helping” the performer.

  2. In Realtime: We are barely halfway done

    Amazing last minute effort to save tens of thousands of old computer manuals from destruction. I’d go and help if I was nearby.

  3. The Quiet Wikideath of BBS History

    Wikipedia is not a source, it’s “reality slash fiction”.

  4. The Floodwaters Rise

    Jason Scott has been busy importing loads of old computer magazines into Internet Archive. Great stuff (and a great job!).

  5. ASCII by Jason Scott / Archive Team Yahoo Video Final Push (and a rousing speech)

    I sent Archive Team money to pay for 1TB of storage, so they can store more of Yahoo Video, which is being deleted by Yahoo! Every little helps, so maybe send a little? (via Waxy)

  6. ASCII by Jason Scott / A Valentine from Archive Team

    Surprise! Yahoo is deleting even *more* user-created content. This time Yahoo Video. It’s like Yahoo! doesn’t feel hated enough yet. But I keep loving Archive Team more. (via Tom Taylor)

  7. ASCII by Jason Scott / Yahoo!locaust

    About Yahoo! and Delicious, and other things they’ve closed, and Flickr, and the fact all the content on Yahoo! Video will be deleted in March. *sigh* (via Simon Willison)

  8. ASCII by Jason Scott / Archiveteam! The Geocities Torrent

    There will be a 900GB torrent of all of the Geocities content that Archiveteam managed to save before the idiots at Yahoo turned it off. Wonderful. Wonderful. Could host it…? (via @antimega)

  9. ASCII by Jason Scott / Geocities: Lessons So Far

    Not just for the good stuff about archiving Geocities, but also about the history of the site and its structure. (via Waxy)

  10. ASCII by Jason Scott / FUCK THE CLOUD

    A follow-up to the previous link on why keeping your stuff on servers run by other companies is a recipe for trouble. I try to avoid this but some things, like Flickr, make me nervous. (via Blech)

  11. ASCII by Jason Scott / Eviction, or the Coming Datapocalypse

    Catching up on stuff… AOL Hometown shut down and wiped all its users’ sites with four weeks’ notice. It’s bad enough when chunks of the web disappear, but worse like this. (via Simon Willison)

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