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Links tagged with “github”

  1. Python in GitHub Actions

    More useful tips on getting all this working well.

  2. Switching to GitHub Actions - Random notes from mg

    Some handy practical tips for using GitHub Actions with Python projects.

  3. Your own hosted blog, the easy, free, open way

    How to host a blog on GitHub Pages, doing all creating, writing, editing, uploading on the GitHub website. (via Simon Willison and Waxy)

  4. - Agile Project Management inside GitHub

    Turns GitHub Issues into an agile/kanban board, with story points and burndown chart. Looks nice. $5 / user / month, minimum five users. (via Brett Terpstra)

  5. · Work Better on GitHub Issues

    A nice columnlar front-end on to GitHub issues. Free for public repos.

  6. benbalter/jekyll-auth

    Only let people in your organisation (ie, have a GitHub account that’s part of a specified GitHub organisation) access your static Jekyll website hosted on Heroku.

  7. Managers are awesome / managers are cool when they’re part of your team

    Although I’m up for new kinds of management/company structure, the GitHub/Valve thing of having an extremely flat organisation does make me wary. Not least for the kinds of people who only blossom when given support and shelter by those whose position it is to do that.

  8. HuBoard

    Nice Trello-style interface for GitHub issues. Hosted, pay-for for non-open source projects. But code is also available for self-hosting.

  9. philgyford’s Open Source Report Card

    Analyses your GitHub activity and tries to determine things about how you work and what you do. Not perfect — if I really am “one of the top 20% most active Python users” I’m concerned for Python — but interesting and nicely done. (via @pkqk)

  10. How We Build CMS-Free Websites | Development Seed

    On using Jekyll, GitHub Pages and to make websites without a traditional CMS.

  11. Skratchdot/github-code-search.user.js - GitHub

    “This is a user script that adds a search box to repository pages which allows you to search the code in that repository.” That’ll save me a lot of downloading just to search through a project’s files. (via Brett Terpstra)

  12. Scott Chacon on the Interwebs - GitHub Flow

    How GitHub manage their own git workflow. Sounds good to me. (via Tom Taylor)

  13. URL Design — Warpspire

    Tips for designing URLs, most of which seems like common sense to me, but also some tips re HTML5 Javascript shenanigans. (via Simon Willison)

  14. Philgyford’s mailman-archive-scraper at master - GitHub

    My first Python code and my first attempt at using GitHub. Suggestions for things I’ve done wrong are welcome, but please be gentle.

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