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2011-01-05 (Wednesday)



  1. URL Design — Warpspire

    Tips for designing URLs, most of which seems like common sense to me, but also some tips re HTML5 Javascript shenanigans. (via Simon Willison)

  2. Boardwalk Empire VFX Breakdowns of Season 1 on Vimeo

    I love watching these kinds of effects reels. It’s amazing what you see these days that’s so realistic you don’t really notice the effects. (via Kottke)

  3. Christmas on the high street: retail winners and losers | Business |

    2011’s award for ‘Most Pointless And Over The Top Use Of Flash’ has already been won by the Guardian! Horrifyingly hilarious. (via @dracos)

  4. How to represent a pension investment account? / Questions / Discussion Area - Moneydance Support

    It’s currently impossible to represent UK pensions in Moneydance, which is otherwise quite good.

  5. Flickr: The Broad Street & old Liverpool Street station, London Pool

    Some good old pics. I should remember a lot more of the old Liverpool and Broad Street stations than I do.

  6. Old maps of Southwark - Southwark Council

    Not just maps of Southwark, but good resolution PDFs of historical maps of London. Good. (via @alanconnor)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Two thumbs up for 2011 so far. ’Night!

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    @topfife Ah yes, class is a good point. More dramatic potential for up/downward social change in US drama I guess then too.

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    Why do UK TV period dramas usually feel cosy, whereas US ones feel more gritty? Something about Empire vs Frontier?

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    @denisewilton I guess it's better than nothing to be noticed by Eye and CR for something that's a spoof, rather than "real" design :)

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    @kevmoss We live to serve!

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    @tomcoates I fear "School" is already a little saturated by "School of Everything" and "School of Life" among our fellows here.

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    @tobybarnes You'd need to ask @jwheare about the magical "Now playing" thingummy.

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    There's some weird noise happening in the back of the office, and I'm trying to avoid the guy who'll want to talk about cricket. Sssh!