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2021-02-22 (Monday)


  1. Python in GitHub Actions

    More useful tips on getting all this working well.

  2. Switching to GitHub Actions - Random notes from mg

    Some handy practical tips for using GitHub Actions with Python projects.


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    @suegyford On the other hand I’ve been thinking recently how many different interesting things I did in my 20s compared to my 40s. I’ve no idea if I was more or less happy then.

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    Very, very negatively. Let me finish! It’s hard enough to talk to people without them interrupting as well.…

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    Ahhhh omg it feels so validating to hear this has a name! I really struggle with talking over people (I understand many experience this very negatively) but it’s an incredibly difficult pattern to change because it’s literally how I grew up communicating enthusiasm & support.…

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    Relaxation. Now.