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2014-03-17 (Monday)


  1. Managers are awesome / managers are cool when they’re part of your team

    Although I’m up for new kinds of management/company structure, the GitHub/Valve thing of having an extremely flat organisation does make me wary. Not least for the kinds of people who only blossom when given support and shelter by those whose position it is to do that.


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    @dracos I didn't even think! I suspect this is quite specific to WebFaction, and they're being helpful. But I might just rewrite in Python…

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    @joe_malia I thought it would be a trifle gauche to mention that myself, but yes, I have heard rumours.

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    Several days on, still wrestling perl and CPAN to get one script working.

    This is the least fun historical re-enactment ever.

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    @revdancatt But I assume all social awkwardness in interactions is down to me! It’s not you, it’s me!

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    @mattsheret Which season of The West Wing is that from?

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    9am, hard at crunching programmes with my bros

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    @michalmigurski I have always tried to think of it as equal humans with different functions. Words like 'superior' skeev me out.