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Links tagged with “ebooks”

  1. Lacuna Books

    Online tool for writing books and papers. Long content, footnotes etc, output to HTML and, for $10, EPUB and PDF. Looks good. (via Tom Taylor)

  2. Packagr

    Promises to make it easy to repurpose blogs etc, and output to Kindle, iBooks, App Store etc. Not properly launched yet, looks interesting. By Ben Brown et al.

  3. An Open Letter to E-Book Retailers: Let’s have a return to common sense | TeleRead

    All sensible, and all things that have put me off ebooks. But mainly for: “If the button said ‘buy now’ and I clicked on it and I paid anything remotely resembling full retail price, I should *own* the book.” Yes. Who has ever said, “I’m going to buy a license to read that book!”

  4. Paradise Regained « Snarkmarket

    That is a lovely story from the introduction to a Project Gutenberg ebook of ‘Paradise Lost’. 100,000 punch cards!

  5. Amazon introduces new Kindle eBook format and makes a major misstep :Guido Henkel

    This kind of obsolescence in an already fairly new platform doesn’t encourage me to buy a Kindle. (via @jamesbridle)

  6. Kindle typography

    Going to some lengths to make Kindle typography better using JavaScript and CSS.

  7. Luna’s Café: Typography is about reading – and so are ebooks

    There are a few reasons I’ve never bought a Kindle book, and this thoughtlessness on the part of publishers and Amazon is one. (via Daring Fireball)

  8. Walter Benjamin’s Aura: Open Bookmarks and the future eBook

    James Bridle again, saying and proposing wonderful things.

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