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2011-10-23 (Sunday)


  1. BBC - Adam Curtis Blog: The Curae of TINA

    blimey, just caught up with this, and it’s an incredible read. Hayek, Radio Caroline, Thatcher, Institute for Economic Affairs… so many things. I really wish the BBC would get a non-Flash video player though.

  2. Paradise Regained « Snarkmarket

    That is a lovely story from the introduction to a Project Gutenberg ebook of ‘Paradise Lost’. 100,000 punch cards!

  3. Infovore » Why on earth would you do otherwise?

    Tom writes everything I thought while reading Igor’s good Wieden+Kennedy blog post about “creative technologists”, only better than I would have done.

  4. iCal Cleaner

    Deletes duplicate events, and more, from iCal calendars. Just what I needed after a big iCloud confusion. And it’s free.

  5. United States Early Radio History

    A fascinating read, with loads of links to text and images from period articles and adverts.


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    In case anyone else found iCal/iCloud had duplicated many events, this free app appears to fix things just fine:…

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    @katylindemann I’d have done better if I’d realised I should add my iCloud account in iCal. I’ve spent 2 weeks using local calendar instead.

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    @katylindemann I don’t use Mobileme, so no idea about that. I ended up with lots of duplicates and some *almost* identical calendars.

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    @pixellent Yes. Fixing iCloud clashes and confusions would be more bearable if iCal’s UI wasn’t so awful, and worse with every release.

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    A couple of weeks on and I’ve finally worked out how to use iCloud calendars in iCal. And got myself in a right mess. Hmm.

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    @designswarm Oh, I haven’t seen it then, sorry.

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    @designswarm Is this it?

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    @ianbetteridge Maybe he checked the Twitter backchannel? (Not that I’m watching.)