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Links tagged with “development”

  1. Reflections on a Month with BBEdit and Nova — Sympolymathesy, by Chris Krycho

    I’ve been tinkering with Nova and I liked this detailed write-up of trying out other text editors.

  2. A Coder Considers the Waning Days of the Craft | The New Yorker

    On AI’s effect on programming, but also good just on enjoying writing code. (via everyone)

  3. Cramming ‘Papers, Please’ Onto Phones | Development Logs by Lucas Pope

    I’ve never played it but this was still an interesting read about converting a one-year-old desktop game to work on phones.

  4. My Inky Dashboard - Matthew Somerville

    I didn’t know you could get colour e-ink screens, and this project looks nice and do-able.

  5. Starship

    A command line prompt that looks nice and displays useful info when useful.

  6. JavaScript Systems Music

    “Learning Web Audio by Recreating The Works of Steve Reich and Brian Eno.” Step-by-step examples, really nicely explained.

  7. So, about this Googler’s manifesto. – Yonatan Zunger – Medium

    Aside from the sense about that Googler’s document, this is good on what being a high-level engineer means. Confirms for me that, really, I’m a hobbyist.

  8. Software Engineering for Industry by softengindustry

    Mostly for the nice way of handling an online reading group - a Twitter account, a Slack channel, and a GitHub repository for documents, suggested reading, etc. (via @tomstuart)

  9. code like you don’t have the time (tecznotes)

    Some good stuff about how to run, maintain and work on projects when the time available is intermittent. I think the bit at the end about “stick to a language’s standard library wherever possible” is important, difficult and perhaps rarely considered.

  10. August 2015 Update - A week with Michael (Citybound Devblog)

    I’m still enjoying these updates, and this is quite a technical one. (Writing a SimCity-style game in JavaScript…)

  11. philgyford’s Open Source Report Card

    Analyses your GitHub activity and tries to determine things about how you work and what you do. Not perfect — if I really am “one of the top 20% most active Python users” I’m concerned for Python — but interesting and nicely done. (via @pkqk)

  12. On Being A Senior Engineer

    A really good read. Could also be called “How to be a mature person to work with.” Or just “How to be a grown-up.”

  13. Skala Preview, a Mac app by Bjango

    Quite magic Mac and iOS app for previewing graphics on iOS devices. Live updates as you change things in Photoshop.

  14. Realm Crafter

    Makes MMORPG style games.

  15. JPMorgan plans Europe HQ in Canary Wharf - International Herald Tribune

    Yay, they’ve ditched plans for their massive HQ on London Wall, which would have destroyed some of the public highwalks. (Three weeks old.)

  16. BBC News | England | London | Smithfield market plans refused

    A couple of weeks old. Phew. I’m not against redevelopment if it’s not going to be more glass offices and same-old shops.

  17. CVSTrac - A Web-Based Bug And Patch-Set Tracking System For CVS

    Original CVS-based version of the aforementioned Subversion-based Trac.

  18. The Trac Project - Trac

    Python-based bug-tracking wiki thing that uses Subversion and sounds good which I don’t need now but will forget the name of when I need it if I don’t link to it now.

  19. SCPlugin

    Mac OS X Finder plugin providing an interface to Subversion (and one day, CVS). In case I ever need it.

  20. The Daily Chump Bot

    Create a weblog automatically from URLs and comments posted to an IRC channel. Handy (if I used IRC).

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