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2012-10-28 (Sunday)


  1. On Being A Senior Engineer

    A really good read. Could also be called “How to be a mature person to work with.” Or just “How to be a grown-up.”


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    @jwheare Oh, well, I’ve never been in that camp.

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    @jwheare I don’t see it as “uploading Instagram shots to Flickr”. I’m using Instagram as a Flickr uploader. Bonus: photos on Instagram too.

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    @moleitau @mildlydiverting @rod @infovore @annegalloway I’d be more likely to go ebook if I felt I was missing out on social fun.

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    @infovore @annegalloway Yeah, I preferred it too. CA seemed v clever, but a bit too distant, like I was watching it, rather than involved.