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25 September 2019


  1. Starship

    A command line prompt that looks nice and displays useful info when useful.


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    @suegyford Geoffrey Cox at his most angry and puffed up reminds me of the Curious Orange (only not very curious)…

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    @rod That would be nice, but I’m not sure that running a web-hosting firm aligns with the company’s long-term goals of doing very little.

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    @rod I do not know, but I would like to know, sorry. I’d guess at SqSpace, W*x, etc, except the HTML they generate makes me very sad.

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    @rod I think the other things I’ve liked most the past year or two…
    Carson McCullers, ’The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’;
    James Salter, ‘Light Years’;
    Larry McMurtry, ‘Lonesome Dove’. Not enough of them, unfortunately.

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    @rod I think so! Long enough ago that it was before I started adding a date to recommendations in my notes.

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    @gwire Ta. What a pain. The pain of progress.

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    @gwire Have you found a good Ghostery replacement? I was using something else - I can’t remember the name and now it’s disappeared - which has also stopped working.

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    @philgyford I understand. It's just that I wanted a chance to say “well gyformed” that was all really x

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    Harringay Letting Agents Cinematic Universe

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    Big fan of Kenyans analyzing Britain the way Brits analyze them

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    9-car Tudor BART as requested by @obtusatum because I‘m always down to birth a heinous affront to god, man, and architecture🤘