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Links tagged with “dannyobrien”

  1. geek old semi-formal (Danny O’Brien’s Oblomovka)

    For trying to write somewhere in “the hellish triangle of being readable, entertaining, and truthful”.

  2. reverie and anarchy

    Danny on Essex New Towns and leaving places behind.

  3. [Noisebridge-discuss] update on the shrine!

    Brilliant email from Danny O’Brien about the San Francisco hacker space Noisebridge’s problems with a lama using one of their rooms for meditation.

  4. On Danny O’Brien on Shift Run Stop « Enemy of Chaos

    Leila’s reflections on Danny and NTK and geek culture and everything, plus a fascinating exchange between them over the past couple of days in the comments.

  5. Danny O’Brien’s Oblomovka - Celebrating ORG’s Second Birthday

    The Open Rights Group is doing fantastic things for the UK online world. I joined when they started and if you join now the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust will match your contribution. Go!

  6. Open Tech 2005 - a photoset on Flickr

    Lovely medium-format photos of geeks by Matt Locke. Includes me, but my favourites are: Coates, Hammond, Nelson, Webb.

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