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2018-01-21 (Sunday)


  1. f/e 21 Jan 2018

    Two plays, season one of ‘Justified’, a new term of acting classes, and a “workshop”.


  1. reverie and anarchy

    Danny on Essex New Towns and leaving places behind.


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    @blech I’m always a little worried by it doing *something* whenever I open it…

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    @blech Yup same plugin. I only use it every few months…

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    @blech Ouch, what happened?! Should I avoid using that plugin (I assume it’s the same…)

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    Laughing at broken web things is pretty cheap when I avoid working at large organisations myself but mumble mumble punching up?

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    Work for the BBC in the London boroughs of Kiev, Aberdeen and Bristol!

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    Our baby arrived safe and sound at 3:57am on Friday. I’m not saying becoming a parent has fundamentally changed me as a person but I do understand the urge to get ones children’s names tattooed on you body now.

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    i'm begging you to look at this