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2018-02-02 (Friday)



  1. geek old semi-formal (Danny O’Brien’s Oblomovka)

    For trying to write somewhere in “the hellish triangle of being readable, entertaining, and truthful”.


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    @phl I don’t know how to be bad or how to have fun so it wasn’t a problem for me :)

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    @benhammersley All the old bands are coming back for 20-years-on reunion tours. Are they going to re-release all their original clothes, in order?

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    @phl But I couldn’t tell that stuff was superficial in HZD - I felt it would matter and it pit me off. And I’d forgotten any naughty v nice stuff in RDR existed! I just want horsies and deserts really.

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    @phl Really? All the skills and weapons and stuff were more complicated than I could be bothered with. Too many decisions. But it’s very popular so I’m the one who’s wrong :)

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    @phl Yeah I didn’t get on with that at all. Disliked the setting and story and rpg-ness.

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    What even is the point in me owning a PS4? ‘Red Dead Redemption 2 is delayed again’…

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    We are so very old