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Links tagged with “cyberculture”

  1. In Oracle v. Google, a Nerd Subculture Is on Trial | Motherboard

    I love this collision between tech culture and a court made up of “normals”, as the author describes them. (Odd that the article doesn’t say what the trial’s about until the final sentence though.)

  2. Overshare: the story

    I’ve only watched half of this, Justin Hall’s new film, so far and it’s already resulted in me spending way too much time re-reading old emails, poking at, and being far too nostalgic for the old days.

  3. How Chan-Style Anonymous Culture Shapes #gamergate (with images, tweets) · a_man_in_black · Storify

    Really good on the clash of cultures between 4channers/GamerGaters and, well, normal people on Twitter. Other thoughts: Could this break out into media beyond Twitter? In what form? How would that affect society? (via @D_Nye_Griffiths)

  4. the californian ideology - the hypermedia research centre - University of Westminster

    I re-read that. It all seems true still except, perhaps, the optimistic hope that Europe could be different.

  5. Backspace

    Lovely blast from the past, the website of Backspace (a cybercafe on Clink Street, now a Starbucks) is still (or once again?) online, from 1997 by the looks of it. (via @cakemix)

  6. The Eternal Shame of Your First Online Handle - Technology - GOOD

    Kids today are going to go through so many handles, unless they’re all just using their names. Which is what I do these days. I’m just me now. (via Kottke)

  7. YouTube - The Netizen

    Finally able to transfer my previously Google Video-hosted copy of the 1996/7 Wired TV pilot programme to YouTube. Whatever happened to cyber-rights?

  8. The Participant Observer » Blog Archive » Cyborganic and the Birth of Networked Social Media (It’s here!)

    PhD thesis from a couple of years ago, on Cyborganic and other things (like Wired/Hotwired) that its members were involved in.

  9. On Danny O’Brien on Shift Run Stop « Enemy of Chaos

    Leila’s reflections on Danny and NTK and geek culture and everything, plus a fascinating exchange between them over the past couple of days in the comments.

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