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2010-10-23 (Saturday)



  1. The Participant Observer » Blog Archive » Cyborganic and the Birth of Networked Social Media (It’s here!)

    PhD thesis from a couple of years ago, on Cyborganic and other things (like Wired/Hotwired) that its members were involved in.

  2. K-punk: The Great Bullingdon Club Swindle

    Trying to find some optimism for the left from this almighty mess. (via @moleitau)

  3. Rejectamentalist manifesto

    China Mieville with questions addressed to a hypothetical Liberal Democrat voter who still believes in a progressive agenda. “So it has to be asked of you: WTF?”


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    @Ariadnes_web The Royal Exchange @samuelpepys was seeing built was destroyed by fire in 1838. The next version still stands today.

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    @mildlydiverting Ooh that's lovely, thanks!

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    @pixellent Wow, the new job sure sounds tough! They're slave drivers!

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    @cityofsound I always think 'The Apprentice' could be more dramatically renamed as 'The Dunning-Kruger Effect'.