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Links tagged with “climatechange”

  1. Adam Tooze · Ecological Leninism: Drill, baby, drill · LRB 6 November 2021

    A second article on Andreas Malm in the same issue. Makes me think I should read ‘White Skin, Black Fuel’ and/or ‘How to Blow up a Pipeline’.

  2. James Butler · A Coal Mine for Every Wildfire: Where are the ecoterrorists? · LRB 6 November 2021

    On the climate crisis, Andreas Malm, direct action, “fossil fascism”, where we’re trying to get to, and how.

  3. Place-based carbon calculator

    It was interesting to spend a while poking around at the stats for our area. Lots of overlays and things to look at. Generally, our area’s below average. (via Web Curios)

  4. Francis Gooding reviews ‘The Uninhabitable Earth’ by David Wallace-Wells · LRB 1 August 2019

    On the plus side, I’ll be dead by 2100. I suspect my 80s+ won’t be great though. Sometimes I wonder why young people and folks with kids aren’t demonstrating *all the time*. (No, I know why.)

  5. Surging Seas: Risk Zone Map

    I don’t think I’d seen these sea-level rise maps by Stamen before. Nice. Scary, but nice.

  6. What can a technologist do about climate change? A personal view.

    From November 2015. I don’t feel any less useless but it’s a great way to present a piece of writing. If only every news article had such clear extra context.

  7. Sunken Cities – BLDGBLOG

    I’m grimly fascinated with how places are going to adapt, while the can, to rising sea levels.

  8. How climate change is rapidly taking the planet apart - flassbeck economics international

    Summary of the situation. Only read with a stiff drink to hand. (via @paulpod)

  9. How Tesla Will Change The World - Wait But Why

    From a little while ago. Such a good, long read. From what energy is, through climate change, to what Tesla hopes to achieve.

  10. Picture This: U.S. Cities Under 12 feet of Sea Level Rise | Climate Central

    Altered photos showing what parts of some US cities will look like. Always reminds me of that bit in one of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars books where they go back south-east England, chimney tops poking out of the sea. (via @greatdismal)

  11. Sea Level Rise Maps | Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets

    Worst case for 2100 is estimated to be up to 1 metre of sea level rise. Which puts several nice bits of the UK coast (never mind Netherlands and Belgium) permanently under water. (via Paul Mison)

  12. Views Differ on Shape of Earth, Climate Edition

    How few Americans have any idea what percentage of scientists think climate change is real. Depressing, and why the BBC (and others) shouldn’t try to be “balanced” about the issue. (via Daring Fireball)

  13. Watermarks Project

    Lovely idea to make it obvious how disastrous rising sea levels could be. All the photos are mock-ups though unfortunately. (via Noisy Decent Graphics)

  14. Back to the Garden: 1958 TV show on Global Warming!

    It’s more than a little galling to see a TV programme from 1958 explaining global warming. We’re only doing something about it now!? (via Boing Boing)

  15. July 2006 - Issue 391 | New Internationalist

    Why carbon offsets and buying trees aren’t the answer to global warming. This is my instinct too but I’d like to find a more objective and scientific source. (via Haddock)

  16. The New York Review of Books: The Coming Meltdown

    I underlined this review of two books on environmental disaster when I read it. Not sure why now, but still.

  17. TomDispatch - Tomgram: Mike Davis, Has the Age of Chaos Begun?

    My only hope is that tipping over into a new ice age happens after I die. (via Boing Boing)

  18. LRB | Michael Byers : On Thinning Ice

    Good, but thoroughly depressing. We’re going to die. Or our children are.

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