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2005-01-02 (Sunday)


  1. Barbican: Penthouse Over the City by David Heathcote

    Most of the book is a detailed look at the various stages of planning the Barbican went through…


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  1. Advertising awfulness on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    French & Saunders won a ‘Lifetime contribution to British comedy’ (or something) award on the…


  1. LRB | Michael Byers : On Thinning Ice

    Good, but thoroughly depressing. We’re going to die. Or our children are.

  2. Keyboard Trays, Index

    Another US place, but with the Back2 Banana Board & Pinnacle Arm at $364.

  3. Ergoboy: Keyboard Trays

    In US, but same model and 1/3 price of Back2. $147-$250.

  4. Ergonomics Society: resources - products and services links

    Would be better if the precious few UK ones were more obvious, but still handy.

  5. Tall Persons Club GB & Ireland

    There’s a club for everyone.

  6. Ergomart Keyboard Trays

    In the US, but lots of specs and a good sell. Up to $189.