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Links tagged with “britain”

  1. Colin Kidd reviews ‘The Formation of the English Kingdom in the Tenth Century’ [and more] · LRB 30 July 2015

    On the history of describing English history, and how “England”, and what makes it English, has changed. (Subscribers only)

  2. Frances Stonor Saunders · Stuck on the Flypaper: The Hobsbawm File · LRB 9 April 2015

    Fascinating. For the spycraft, the jargon, the very quiet British hysteria over communism, MI5, the weird changing attitudes to the various factions before and after WWII, the BBC. Scarily bonkers.

  3. Olympic Games opening ceremony: irreverent and idiosyncratic – a very British coup | Marina Hyde | Sport | The Guardian

    “I’m still reeling that a country that can put on a show that hilariously bonkers is allowed nuclear weapons.”

  4. Olympic opening ceremony a Labour party broadcast? Yup, that’s about right | Sport | The Guardian

    “This is it. This is Britain. Any idiot can industrialise. It takes a giant of a nation to make its healthcare provision free at point of need.” via @D_Nye_Griffiths

  5. The difference between the UK, Great Britain, and England [video] - Holy Kaw!

    A very good description of the differences, which was an education to me. I can never remember all of this stuff. (via @tomcoates)

  6. Britain’s “broken society”: Through a glass darkly | The Economist

    Good article on how many things that you’d think would define “broken Britain” have been improving. Britain’s better.

  7. The little page of TRANSPORT CHAOS

    Great idea. Love the descriptions of chaos levels. Longer-term graphs would be nice.

  8. YouTube - The Day Today - Britain in Crisis

    Always worth a watch when it looks like things are tanking. “This is Britain and everything’s alright. Everything’s alright. It’s OK. It’s fine.”

  9. Film Archive - FourDocs - Listen to Britain

    Nice short film of images and sounds from wartime Britain (if you sit through the introduction from the Canadian). Terence Davies mentions it in the current ‘Sight & Sound’.

  10. spEak You’re bRanes

    Amazing but depressing selection of comments left on the BBC ‘Have Your Say’ site. cf Mitchell & Webb’s “You may not know anything about the issue, but I bet you reckon something.” (via Ben Hammersley)

  11. House of Commons, Journal | British History Online

    Going back to 1547 (and House of Lords), could be handy for Pepys. But, annoyingly, very un-guessable URLs for the daily archives. Hmm.

  12. Analyst Equity: Mid-Atlantic reading on the English

    I like the summary of American/English character differences (via ObLinks).

  13. Geograph British Isles - photograph every grid square!

    IS this new or have I just not seen it before? “Aims to collect a geographically representative photograph for every square kilometre of the British Isles.” Lovely. Nice Google Earth integration too. (via Tim/twisty)

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