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Links tagged with “bldgblog”

  1. Sunken Cities – BLDGBLOG

    I’m grimly fascinated with how places are going to adapt, while the can, to rising sea levels.

  2. Ghost Streets of Los Angeles

    Seeing the paths of, probably, old streetcar lines in the shapes of buildings in satellite photos.

  3. BLDGBLOG: 100 Views of a Drowning World

    I love these images; click through to the Tumblr for more, but linking to this for the nice commentary too. Love them.

  4. An Invisible Empire of Sidewalks and Gutterspace

    The possibilities of fishing in old streams beneath New York, and a man who bought many tiny slivers of land across the city.

  5. Stratigraphies of Infestation

    For both the anecdotes about New York’s rats and the anecdotes about the levels of underground old New York where the rats live.

  6. BLDGBLOG: Predisposed

    More on that “how to tell future generations about dangerous things” problem. Fascinating stuff.

  7. BLDGBLOG: On the Road Again

    A bunch of links that, while fascinating, you shouldn’t read if you’re feeling at all pessimistic about things. This isn’t the future I was hoping for.

  8. BLDGBLOG: A Design History of Military Airspace

    “A volumetric rendering of military airspace in East Germany during the 1980s, as imaged in Google Earth.” Mapping historical, invisible, 3D spaces. Must be good.

  9. BLDGBLOG: This Gaming Life: An Interview with Jim Rossignol

    A very good read on architecture and gaming. Makes me feel all “yay”.

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