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Links tagged with “berg”

  1. Open Lecture at CIID: “Keeping up with the Kardashevians” – Petafloptimism

    Matt Jones on stuff done at BERG and Google, and our anti-anti-utopian future. (Video plus slides & transcript.)

  2. It’s never been more important for design firms to think differently — Medium

    On large buying up design firms, and the worth of independent design firms. I’d like more specific examples of the specialness of some of the example agencies are though. Other than having “a unique perspective”. (via @moleitau)

  3. LPChart: JavaScript charts for Little Printer publications | Robots and Clouds

    A thing I wrote for work about a thing I made at work to help make more things.

  4. The Guardian iPad edition design evolution | Media |

    Images showing different stages from the process behind developing the new iPad app.

  5. BBC Dimensions: How Many Really?

    Lovely thing from BERG that “compares the number of people involved in key historical events or situations to the people you know through Facebook or Twitter.” Very good.

  6. Week 315 – Blog – BERG

    Epic week notes from Matt Webb on growing and nurturing BERG. It’s an honour to work just the other side of a door from these folks.

  7. Product invention workshops – Blog – BERG

    One of the things BERG does for clients. I bet they’re nothing but awesome.

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