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2014-09-09 (Tuesday)



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    @tomcoates Good game, Tommy.

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    @danhon @holgate @indec @tomcoates Yes. ?

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    Searched ‘berg’, momentary confusion :) RT @Berg_HR: More must be done to help people with mental health problems stay in work- #employment

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    @infovore @felix_cohen I'm glad it wasn't just me who thought he was missing something.

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    @joe_malia Who’s getting biscuits?

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    An earlier incarnation of BERG, five years ago:…

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    Week 483 at Berg… — sigh. What a nine years, I'm proud of what we did. Thank you everyone.

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    @paulpod I was thinking about 20 years of doing this stuff only this morning. Sometimes it seems like long enough.

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    We choose to …… in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. #BRIG

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    Look forward to seeing whatever's next from @JackSchultz @timoarnall and the rest of the ex-Berg crew do next

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    how do NFC payments interact with americans' weird need to express power over service workers via tipping

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    Check out our environmentally friendly phones in these handsome new leather cases

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    "you won. good game Tommy." that's what I'm going to say to @tomcoates every time he does some good design work.

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    Ah, BERG. Sad. Single most interesting outpost of that stuff I've yet encountered. By far. Best attitude.

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    Someone please call the reckon police.

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    Our International Director @mala is hard at work, updating our guide to
    surveillance self-defense!