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2015-01-20 (Tuesday)


  1. It’s never been more important for design firms to think differently — Medium

    On large buying up design firms, and the worth of independent design firms. I’d like more specific examples of the specialness of some of the example agencies are though. Other than having “a unique perspective”. (via @moleitau)


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    @holgate @maura What, where?! I think I only saw them once, at the wag club.

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    @whoisdanw Have you ever played the beer game?… worth a go if not.

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    @whoisdanw Probably a big tangent, but I would like to know more about military logistics. Scary, but also amazing, I expect.

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    @jonty @whoisdanw @kevinprince Although this is not a rule most people would follow for a party in their own house.