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Links tagged with “benbrown”

  1. A Programmer’s Dilemma — Why Not? — Medium

    Ben Brown: “While I want to release things, and believe that sharing code and software is important and good for society, I am afraid of being crushed under the weight of a lifetime of this type of sharing.”

  2. Oral History: Sex! Drugs! Apps! SXSW Interactive At 20 | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

    Mainly for the 2000 era memories, the Weblogs Roundtable, etc. I only felt like an observer - I wasn’t blogging and didn’t know anyone really - but I’m happy I was able to be there.

  3. Packagr

    Promises to make it easy to repurpose blogs etc, and output to Kindle, iBooks, App Store etc. Not properly launched yet, looks interesting. By Ben Brown et al.

  4. I Love Ben Brown, 6985 Words about SXSW 2000

    Ben found that I’d found his ten-year-old post and re-posted it and now I’ve found that.

  5. The benbrown website :: daily text

    Ben Brown’s 6985 word account of his SXSW 2000 and *that* weblog panel. A lovely piece, still worth a read.

  6. Comments on 1142 | MetaFilter

    A bit more flurry about weblogs and “3000 word” Ben Brown-style essays, post SXSW 2000. Quaint.

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