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14 May 2015


  1. Programming in Twig

    Good, quick intro to Twig templating.

  2. AltaVista: Main Page

    22 October 1996 (via @jah)

  3. A Programmer’s Dilemma — Why Not? — Medium

    Ben Brown: “While I want to release things, and believe that sharing code and software is important and good for society, I am afraid of being crushed under the weight of a lifetime of this type of sharing.”


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    @jkottke @waxpancake “Ooh, no we wouldn’t want to put full articles in RSS feeds becau… Oh, hello Facebook, yes of course!”

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    What David Cameron said actually seems perfectly reasonable if you're a comic book supervillain.

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    How can I join? @MichaelPDeacon has invented a party that represents my interests at last.