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2010-03-28 (Sunday)


  1. | Bills before Parliament

    I haven’t noticed this before - a surprisingly simple and clear indication of the bills. Click one to see its progress in more detail. Not perfect, but much better than I expected.

  2. I Love Ben Brown, 6985 Words about SXSW 2000

    Ben found that I’d found his ten-year-old post and re-posted it and now I’ve found that.

  3. PhoneView for iPhone - iPhone Disk Mode, SMS, Voicemail, Call History, Music, Photos, Notes Access - Ecamm Network

    Among other things, lets you export all of your iPhone SMSes. $20 saved me spending more time messing around with binary plist files, sqlite, etc.

  4. Tweetake

    Very simple way to get a file of all your Twitter tweets, friends, etc.

  5. The Revision Thing | The Texas Tribune

    A fascinating view of what the Texas State Board of Education (which effectively determines what children across the US study) changed in the US History standards.


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    Two weeks of Mr. Pepys' life hyperlinked and prepared for Twitter. What would he think. And so home.

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    @mrdanielweir And LibraryThing or similar.

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    If I was really dedicated I'd have "Samuel Pepys" log in to the correct locations on Foursquare in real time +343 years. You do it.

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    "This session no longer exists ... close your internet browser, open a new browser and login again." Why are financial websites so rubbish?

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    @samuelpepys Yeah, laugh it up, as I stare through the office windows at the scaffolding outside. Extraordinary merry indeed.

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    March 1660: 9,725 words. March 1667: 17,995 words. The bugger's getting busier and busier.

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    In the office, doing the Pepys.