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Links tagged with “archives”

  1. Time Streams

    “Time-aware feeds at any url. A simple protocol and file format for our digital lives.” (via FaveJet)

  2. - Featured Collections

    Sure I’ve said this before, but I hope Rightmove, Zoopla, and/or estate agents are archiving photos. It’d be an amazing resource for historians.


    Browse pages archived on using period browsers and operating systems. Amazing, although the screen sizes seem a bit large to me, for the period. (via Waxy)

  4. In Realtime: We are barely halfway done

    Amazing last minute effort to save tens of thousands of old computer manuals from destruction. I’d go and help if I was nearby.

  5. How You Can Help Save, Posterous, and More

    Solely for the phrase “companies like Yahoo work to destroy as much human history as possible.” Must suck to work somewhere like that.

  6. Olduse

    Brilliant. A 30-year delayed “live” archive of Usenet. I must remember to come back when it reaches 1995. (via Tom Taylor)

  7. Scripto | Crowdsourcing Documentary Transcription

    “A light-weight, open source, tool that will allow users to contribute transcriptions to online documentary projects.  The tool will include a versioning history and full set of editorial controls, so that project staff and [sic] manage public contributions.”

  8. Thoughts of a Bohemian » Blog Archive » The fire this time

    It’s not just digital archives that are being destroyed: The liquidator in charge of the defunct Corbis Sygma agency is planning to destroy an archive of 12 million photos. We need a real world Archive Team. Grrrrrrrrr. (via The Online Photographer)

  9. Trustworthy Digital Repository - Chronicle of Life

    Really interesting description of an organisation to keep peoples’ data safe forever. This organisational stuff must be at least half the battle, aside from technical things. Rest of site seems a bit… clunky though. (via Haddock)

  10. PDAWG | Digital Curation Exchange

    New to me, the Personal Digital Archives Working Group: “addresses opportunities and challenges associated with the stewardship of born-digital materials that are created or received by individuals.”

  11. 2010 Videos

    Videos of sessions from the Personal Digital Archiving 2010 conference. Haven’t watched anything yet. Did anyone reading this go? How was it?

  12. Call for participation for PDA 2011

    Ooh: Personal Digital Archiving 2011 Conference. Sounds very interesting indeed. Hmm, San Francisco in February… (via Blech)

  13. A Paper Internet by Carlos Bueno — Kickstarter

    Pledge money towards one of those “web pages printed out and encased in resin” time capsules. Pledge enough and you choose 500 pages to be printed. (via Beyond the Beyond)

  14. BBC - About the BBC: BBC Genome: The Complete Broadcast History of the BBC

    Wonderful - the BBC is OCRing and making computer-readable, all the programme listings from the ‘Radio Times’ going back to 1922. (via @catfunt)

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