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w/e 2023-05-28

A pleasantly uneventful week.

Five very open flowers, each having four pale pink petals and a cluster of yellow stamen. The focus is shallow and the dark background contains blurry leaves and some more flowers.
Clematis flowers in the garden
  • We’ve been enjoying the perfect weather (sunny, low 20s (ºC)) in the garden that’s overflowing with green and flowers. Mary picked a good week in which to begin retirement.

  • I’ve made some progress in organising and ticking off the pile of low-stakes, mundane To Dos that have been piling up recently, which is a relief.

  • Spent a lot of time staring into the little pond. Since we extinguished the weed and algae (with Algofin, the “eco” barley-based solution we tried first having achieved nothing) the water is clear and we can see all the life: at least seven newts, a similar number of chunky tadpoles (some with little back legs), and many beetles of various sizes swimming and diving.

  • Getting back to going to the gym does not, yet, seem successful in terms of seeing some actual people, given I’m often the only person there. But, still, having a short drive somewhere two or three times a week helps with my driving confidence, and it’s good to be back doing a wider variety of exercise.

  • Talking of driving: on Friday I drove to Gloucester and back – just over an hour each way – with Mary as co-driver, which must be the furthest I’ve driven in more than twenty years. No objects, people, or animals were harmed.

  • We watched season two of Perry Mason which continued to be pretty good.

That’s it. I hope you enjoy your Succession Bank Holiday, in territories where such a holiday is available.

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