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Writing tagged futures

  1. w/e 2020-01-12

    Still settling in to the new house; The Idiot and imagining futures; and Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle.

  2. Your letter transitions

    On how odd post boxes, bank branches and public libraries will seem.

  3. Manufactured normalcy

    On people who are disappointed by the present, saying it’s not futuristic enough, and who can’t imagine a future.

  4. Being wrong about now

    Why is it OK for the IMF to keep changing their GDP forecasts for the current year?

  5. One of today’s futures

    James Bridle’s ‘New Aesthetic’ has got me thinking about today’s futures again, rather than yesterday’s.

  6. A still more glorious dawn awaits

    Getting excited about outer space futures for the first time in years.