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Sunday 20 June 2004

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Aerial viewBishopsgate Goods Yard is currently being demolished to make way for the East London Line extension, although I can’t recall now whether the project is stalled or not. Either way, demolition looks pretty complete, and although you can’t see much from the street, an aerial view gives you a better perspective of the sea of bricks now filling the space between the walls. (I took the photos a month ago, although it’s pretty much the same now.)

Incidentally, whenever I cycle west down Bethnal Green Road, approaching the Goods Yard in the sun, I feel like I’m an an American city. It’s something to do with being in a slightly industrial but “up and coming” area, looking across a vast space filled with nothing but building work (or, in this case, demolition) towards glinting towers filled with money. It’s how I imagine things looked in San Francisco while building the new baseball stadium, or in Houston while their clutch of stadiums were built. For some reason it makes me happy.


I have a friend used to live above the KFC on Bethnal Green Road, I remember walking down there on Saturday afternoons, that would be in the mid eighties, always felt like a step into the past to me. I ran once from there to Paddington, made me feel happy too.

Posted by Richard Hyett on 21 June 2004, 10:29 pm | Link

Top stuff, tried to get the same photo myself recently. How did you access the building? Bit of charm? Bishopsgate redevelopement gives me mixed feeling but the city/east end borders always make me happy. Something to do with the stark contrasts in culture, people, last use etc. I own in Dalston so am eager to see the ELLP get the full go ahead. The demolition of half of Spitalfields though simply makes me sick to the stomach.

Posted by Dan Kelly on 19 July 2004, 12:10 pm | Link

No charm required -- I was working in a building overlooking the demolition.

Posted by Phil Gyford on 19 July 2004, 12:47 pm | Link

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