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Friday 11 June 2004

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I’ve been grabbing music from Mostyn’s Music Page for some time, but I only recently realised that a whole MP3 Blog scene has been blossoming out there. It’s official: I am now (at least) several weeks behind the bleeding edge.

I’ve realised that someone writing about a tune they love somehow makes it a better track. Just as I want to listen to half the songs Greil Marcus mentions in his columns, excited as I am by his knowledge and enthusiasm, reading Said the Gramophone or Music (for Robots) is just as thrilling. The writing’s at least as passionate and, often, just as good.

I seem to go through phases of getting bored of music (can you imagine!?), finding it hard to think of CDs to buy. But after grabbing music from these sites, including many tunes I’d never usually listen to, I’ve already spent sixty quid at Amazon, forcing myself not to spend more (just yet). God, this stuff’s good.

Other than Gramophone and Music for Robots, my favourite MP3 blogs at the moment: Lost Band of the New Wave Era, Fluxblog, Soul Sides, The Suburbs are Killing Us and The Number One Songs in Heaven.

Fun while it lasts.


try some Ink Mathematics -

Posted by Mike on 11 June 2004, 1:44 pm | Link

Phil, you mean I was more cutting edge than you this time? Wheee! I've been going to Fluxblog too, and also like to stop by for hip-hop mp3s. I try not to go to too many mp3 blogs or I'll get overwhelmed!

Posted by ted on 11 June 2004, 5:34 pm | Link

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