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Thursday 29 May 2003

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I have a slight addiction to Mac rumour sites. Nothing life-threatening, but I need my fix of lustable yet mythical hardware and software every few days. The sites all seem much of a muchness, but As the Apple Turns is a more substantial and fun read. It’s not Old Man Murray funny, but it’s refreshingly sarcastic and thoughtful after all the po-faced “we’re a real growed up news site” attitudes of the rumour peddlars.


It's a nice change to see intentionally-funny Mac rumour sites (see also ). I was one of the few Windows users at a very Mac-intensive company a few years back, and remember having to stifle giggles at sites like MacKido ( is a favourite ) and MacOSRumours ("New Theming Preferences in 8.6 show that Mac OS is *clearly* a superior platform to Windows!").

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