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Wednesday 28 May 2003

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Richard Herring’s weblog/diary thing is one of my favourite daily reads. He writes so much each day and it’s all funny, interesting, lovely, or a mixture of the lot. Yesterday’s entry, in which he thinks about the man ahead of him in a queue for fried chicken, was especially wonderful:

I wondered about saying to him, “Hey look, we are similar. I am a bit cooler than you, obviously, but we’re both doing nothing, why don’t we go and have a drink and see if that eases the pain of solitude that fills our hearts”.

Then I looked into his eyes and realised he was thinking of saying exactly the same thing. Perhaps he had seen me jogging round Balham this morning with a notebook and looking at car number plates.

(Between reading that and posting this I realised Danny pointed at exactly the same entry. So go and read it dammit!)


I have read some of Richard's 'diary' and was struck by how he is able to take an apparently insignificant incident and write about it in a way that makes it interesting and amusing to the reader.

I think we need to ease Richard into a job with the Civil Service. With a talent like his he could become the Samuel Pepys of the 21st century.

Posted by Tony on 1 June 2003, 4:41 pm | Link

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