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Links tagged with “words”

  1. The Best Word Book Ever,1963 and 1991. - a set on Flickr

    Fascinating look at the changes in Richard Scarry’s childrens’ picture book. “Beautiful screaming lady” is a favourite 1963 phrase. (via Tom Taylor)

  2. MemeTracker: tracking news phrases over the web

    This is the kind of thing I was trying to do for my futures thesis in 2000, only without the data, resources or know-how. (via @aleksk)

  3. How do sites prevent vanity URLs from colliding with future features? - Quora

    Just for the list of suggested blacklist terms that shouldn’t be allowed for usernames, so as to avoid future URL conflicts.

  4. Word Spy - parahawking

    “A sport where paragliders follow birds of prey that have been trained to look for and follow thermal updrafts that enable the pilots to stay aloft.”

  5. Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds

    Lets you create tag clouds that are much more lovely than the usual. (via Blackbelt Jones)

  6. Tweet Clouds

    Showing what words you use most on Twitter. Home, College, Day, Work are the unremarkable stand-outs for me. (via Russell Davies)

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