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  1. Europe etymology maps 1

    Maps showing which European countries use different common-ish words for something, and where those terms originated. (via @tomcoates)

  2. The Sex Myth: How To Blog Anonymously (and how not to)

    Some good (but, as she says, far from exhaustive) and interesting tips on how to blog anonymously, by Brooke Magnanti / Belle du Jour. (via @tomcoates)

  3. Bring back the 40-hour work week -

    On why working more than 8 hours a day (or, really, 6 for knowledge workers) is not more productive. Tick. (via @tomcoates)

  4. What was daily life like before almost everyone had cell phones? - Quora

    I love the responses to this question. I remember it all of course, and it’s not that long ago, but it still seems like another world. (via @tomcoates)

  5. The difference between the UK, Great Britain, and England [video] - Holy Kaw!

    A very good description of the differences, which was an education to me. I can never remember all of this stuff. (via @tomcoates)

  6. Buster Benson

    A nice data-rich “summary of now” homepage. (via @tomcoates)

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