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2013-11-05 (Tuesday)


  1. Europe etymology maps 1

    Maps showing which European countries use different common-ish words for something, and where those terms originated. (via @tomcoates)


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    @mindcrash A business failing isn’t really the same as an acquihire and closure of the original service, but thanks anyway!

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    @tomtaylor Easy for you to say when you’re not here.

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    @0898CHEATHCO Ooh, good idea, it’s been ages! It’s on now.

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    What music should I put on in the office? Upbeat, good for working to, not distracting or offensive, unlikely to be hated by anyone.

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    Thanks for the latest brazen Incredible Journey… @RodBegbie, @sclv, @hondanhon, @mindcrash.

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    @blech @tomstuart Oh, and thanks @blech for pointing out there’s a transcript. I never get round to listening to podcasts.

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    @moleitau You should be playing the new Assassin's Creed: the thrill of being a games tester in a Googlesque office, being a Welsh pirate.