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Links tagged with “via:tedmills”

  1. YouTube - Talking Funny Part 1 Of 4

    Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Louis CK talking about comedy. Part 2 didn’t work for me in the UK, others OK. I’d love something like this involving Stewart Lee. (via Ted Mills)

  2. Guest DJ Brian Eno : NPR

    Eno on ‘All Songs Considered’ discussing some music. I must make time to listen. (via Ted Mills)

  3. Main Page - John Peel Wiki - a Wikia wiki

    More Peel info than you could ever need. I had no idea there were quite so many tapes (now MP3s) of complete Peel shows in existence. (via Ted Mills)

  4. Hong Kong’s Most Disturbing CG Illustrations « WITMOT?

    Hong Kong’s ‘Apple Daily’ makes computer images for news stories when there are no photos. Hilarious, especially if you scroll down to Morgan Freeman. (via Ted Mills)

  5. 285 - London’s Lost Rivers « Strange Maps

    Idea for public art project: Brass markings on roads, pavements, buildings, etc. that mark the path of the rivers that are now hidden. (via Ted Mills)

  6. YouTube - Sony Bravia LCD TV Advert (Play Doh) & “The Making of”

    A TV ad with stop-motion rabbits (which I hadn’t seen until now) followed by a little making of doc. Amazing amounts of coordination to get it all done. (via Ted Mills)

  7. VectorMagic

    Nice, free web-based bitmap to vector graphic convertor. (via Ted Mills)

  8. “An Ilustrated Life” Preview

    Lovely collection of pages from “artists, illustrators and designers’” sketchbooks. Awful slidy Flash interface though. Illustrators are worse than estate agents in their use of appalling interface techniques. (via Ted Mills)

  9. Philippe Jusforgues - Home

    Excellent photo collage illustrations. Very simple, very effective. (via Ted Mills)

  10. 1,500 of Your Favorite 80’s Videos!

    No idea why it’s at that domain, but there’s enough there to pretend you’re a guest on your own “I Love the 1980s” clip show. (via Ted Mills)

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