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Links tagged with “via:soulsides”

  1. Music « Devil’s Pie

    Some fine looking R&B/Soul type mixes for free download. (via Soul Sides)

  2. DJ Matthew Africa - I Wish You Would: America’z most complete artist

    Haven’t heard of DJ Quik, but I liked this mix. I’m also new to Matthew Africa, but will be listening to more. (via Soul Sides)

  3. Stupidfresh: Highs in the low 70s

    A nice summery bunch of summery tunes for the summer. (via Soul Sides)

  4. Schmusic [House is a Feeling]

    An interesting write-up of a talk, with lots of YouTube examples, about Chuck Roberts’ “In the beginning there was jack…” a capella “My House” sermon and how well it works over different instrumentals. (via Soul Sides)

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