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Links tagged with “via:moleitau”

  1. It’s never been more important for design firms to think differently — Medium

    On large buying up design firms, and the worth of independent design firms. I’d like more specific examples of the specialness of some of the example agencies are though. Other than having “a unique perspective”. (via @moleitau)

  2. Potlatch: 20 public-spirited lawyers could change the world

    Lawyers are the creators of a future in which the rest of us must live. By Will Davies (it doesn’t say anywhere on the page). (via @moleitau)

  3. Will Cameron’s call for popular films mean more silent comedies? | Comment is free | The Observer

    Very good Stewart Lee piece on the value of doing things you care about, rather than being all David Cameron and doing something “more commercial”. (via @moleitau)

  4. In praise of the sci-fi corridor - Den of Geek

    Wonderful essay about science fiction movie corridors, with lots of pictures. The internet gives generously. (via @moleitau)

  5. A radical pessimist’s guide to the next 10 years - The Globe and Mail

    While my favourite Vancouver-based science fiction author (William Gibson) is writing about the present, my favourite Vancouver-based chronicler of the now (Douglas Coupland) has written this about the future. (via @moleitau)

  6. Streetphoto :: View topic - G20 riot posed photo

    A good description of how scenes like the two guys smashing the windows of a branch of RBS surrounded by photographers happen. (via Moleitau on Twitter)

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