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2010-10-10 (Sunday)


  1. Week 381

    Frustrations and other things with Django.


  1. A radical pessimist’s guide to the next 10 years - The Globe and Mail

    While my favourite Vancouver-based science fiction author (William Gibson) is writing about the present, my favourite Vancouver-based chronicler of the now (Douglas Coupland) has written this about the future. (via @moleitau)


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    @smithsam Let me know when you write a perl script that can cope with anything I might ever want to do with a link!

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    @bernie @smithsam Not Instapaper/Delicious because I want the links for something other than reading or bookmarking.

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    Continually emailing myself links, from one device to another, sending them up the interactivity food chain for processing.

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    Coffee, milkshake, reading about Custer.

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    @dracos That's cheating! Next you'll be telling me it works again soon in some other base system!

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    Oops, missed it. Will have to wait for 11:11 11-11-11.