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Links tagged with “via:carryology”

  1. The Revelation Wallet | Barrett Alley - Handmade in USA

    Small, slim, handmade leather wallets. There must be British places that make things like this. (via Carryology)

  2. Messenger bags, Canvas bags & Shoulder bags from Millican

    Some nice looking bags, backpacks, etc. Classic- rather than futuristic-looking, but modern rather than solely nostalgic. I reckon. Also, British. (via Carryology)

  3. William Joseph Exodus

    A really cool-looking front-and-back-pack in a I’d-never-actually-wear-one kind of way. Looks a bit Starship Troopers. (via Carryology)

  4. Civilian Expander Pack

    Quite a nice, slim backpack. (via Carryology)

  5. Black Rainbow Project

    Bags. Not much to see yet, and not yet making backpacks, but sounds interesting. Based in Leicester. (via Carryology)

  6. Lexdray - Products

    Some nice looking bags and backpacks with some interesting pockets. (via Carryology)

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