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2013-08-11 (Sunday)


  1. The Revelation Wallet | Barrett Alley - Handmade in USA

    Small, slim, handmade leather wallets. There must be British places that make things like this. (via Carryology)

  2. Let’s Be Ambitious, Adventurous and Unexpected: A Complaint About Digital Art and Entrepreneurialism

    “Doing stuff for free gets in the way of being entrepreneurial. Asking people for their time is no different to asking for their money: it’s either fun or charity or a bit of both, but it’s no different to subsidy.”


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    @jamescronin @smagdali @quinnnorton @minor9th I’m not going, but also happy to help if there’s anything I can do just at this end.

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    @Zoonie Same here!

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    (I know bugger all about Don Cherry, but he sounds good on a nice evening.)

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    Productive weekend; leftovers for dinner; next week’s lunches made; a breeze and nice light; KTRU playing difficult Don Cherry. Jolly good.

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    Much typing achieved this weekend. Not all of the typing though. There’s always more typing. Maybe I need some monkeys.