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Links tagged with “vagrant”

  1. flurinduerst/WPDistillery: WordPress Setup runner for Scotch Box

    Handy - create a Vagrant virtual machine with WordPress installed and configured. An oddly opinionated default config, but easily tweaked.

  2. Ryan A. Chapman — Vagrant: show port forwarding for all virtual machines

    Annoying that there’s no built-in way to get this info, for all running VMs, but this appears to work.

  3. Unable to set permissions within shared folder using Vagrant and VirtualBox - Ryan Sechrest

    Just because this is an example of how I’m spending my time. Every. Single. Step. of the past few weeks has been a stuttering ball-ache of googling for the least bad fix to solve yet another tedious problem.

  4. 6 practices for super smooth Ansible experience by Maxim Chernyak

    More Ansible tips. Like him I’ve been a bit frustrated that setting up a Vagrant box feels too different to setting up a real server, when you want them to be as similar as possible.

  5. jcalazan/ansible-django-stack

    An Ansible playbook: Django, Postgres, Vagrant, Ubuntu 14.04, tested with DigitalOcean. Promising.

  6. Stefan Wrobel - How to make Vagrant performance not suck

    I haven’t needed Vagrant to be faster but if/when I do, this seems handy. (via Infovore)

  7. PuPHPet - Online GUI configurator for Puppet & Vagrant

    “A simple GUI to set up virtual machines for Web development.”

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