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2017-02-16 (Thursday)


  1. niallkennedy/Movable-Type-WordPress-export

    This worked really well. And a bit of tweaking meant it also worked for importing into custom WordPress Post types and Taxonomies too.

  2. Sharing some process from IF – Writing by IF – Medium

    A handy list of things to do to secure your Mac, iPhone, email, etc. (via Favejet)

  3. Music and Social Justice / or Why Many Musicians Should Not Release Records for General Public Consumption

    Equating spending money on promoting your music (or, presumably, any other art) with perpetuating your privileged position.

  4. flurinduerst/WPDistillery: WordPress Setup runner for Scotch Box

    Handy - create a Vagrant virtual machine with WordPress installed and configured. An oddly opinionated default config, but easily tweaked.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    This week I am very much enjoying the tunes of St Lenox, e.g.…